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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for 11.0.1 FP711.0.1 FP7
Hide details for APIAPI
WDCABHFPYMProgrammability - Rest API - Fixed an issue where the Rest API was showing the incorrect version information.
Hide details for BiDi (Hebrew & Arabic)BiDi (Hebrew & Arabic)
KMOACCXAD8iNotes - BiDi - Fixed a problem where Preferences did open in Safari in BiDi languages.
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
KMOACNC5W6iNotes - Calendar - Updated DST for Jordan and Syria. Both of them are now in GMT+03:00 time zone without observing DST.
KMOACNF4L4iNotes - Calendar - Fixed a problem where Volgograd was listed in the wrong time zone (GMT+04:00) when showing time zone information in calendar...
Hide details for ClientClient
MMNDCK3PPSClient - Mac - Monterey 12.6 - Apple fixed an issue in Monterey where Notes client was unable to open any Notes Database via HCAA due to the error...
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
ASIACJ8FHBClient - Mac - Mac OS 12.6 - Fixed an issue where Notes would quit unexpectedly after upgrade to Mac OS 12.6.
SAPLCJHNCUClient - Toolbars - Fixed an issue where the Text Edit toolbar was missing when opening another mail in a new window. This regression was introduced...
Hide details for ClustersClusters
DNADCJT9GJServer - Clusters - Fixed an issue where the option "ReplicaStubWithDesign" to the cl copy command did not copy the design of the...
Hide details for Connections PluginConnections Plugin
SAPLCJRENKClient - Connections Plugin - Fixed an issue where the Connections Plugin sidebar was not working, shows an error "Authentication with the Activities...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
SPAYCGC84EServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where Domino server would crash with error "PANIC: Logger Error, Log Full" on router task.
DCKTCKAK76Server - Database - Fixed an issue where daos.cfg file was getting corrupted. Requires setting notes.ini "DAOS_USE_DAOS_CF2=1".
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
MOBNBVXQUAServer - DirSync - Fixed an issue where duplicate users were being created in dirsync if duplicate internet email addresses existed
XYGUC9VHGZServer - Directory - Fixed an issue where Dirsync was not looking in the primary address for users in secondary nabs as targets for...
Hide details for EditorEditor
STAACJG4KZClient - Attachments - Fixed an issue where previewing attachment files that had DBCS characters in the file name would fail. This regression was...
KSAUCKKEJRClient - Editor - Fixed an issue with URL hotspots to Excel files redirecting to web browser to open the Excel file. This regression was introduced...
SAIACNDD9CClient - Editor - DBCS - Fixed an issue where Chinese font on document load appeared garbled with certain fonts on copy-paste from Word doc. This...
ASIACATQU8Client - Editor - Fixed an issue where numbered lists in Notes always display as resumed instead of resetting to 1. This regression was introduced...
Hide details for Full-text indexingFull-text indexing
MOBNCJETFXServer - Fixed an issue where full text indexing could crash with handle out of range when indexing an encrypted MIME document


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